Itchy Soul


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Itchy Soul is the fifth album by The Get Right Band. It drops everywhere on May 23, 2020–until then, you can pre-order it here! The album filters 60’s/70’s psychedelia and 90’s alternative rock through a modern lens–as if Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Nirvana co-wrote an album produced by Danger Mouse and Dan Auerbach. This is all-in, maximalist rock n’ roll for grown up people (kids and adults alike) who know the world is falling apart, who know social media is rotting our brains, who know politicians are taking away our rights, and who know that art and beauty and music and love and action are the antidotes. Itchy Soul will make you remember the power of music.

Format: CD or Digital Download
Genre: Psychedelic Indie Rock
Release Date: 2020

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CD, Digital Download

1. Wired
2. Itchy Soul
3. Fire With Rain
4. Nothin’ on the FM
5. Future Blood
6. No Sound
7. Interlude #4
8. Pulled Up Root
9. However Broken It Is
10. Love Is Contagious
11. Give Me Rain
12. Kryptonite
13. Get So High
14. Can’t Stand