iTopia sounds like the kind of grand conceptual work that Pink Floyd would make if that band were still around.”
Edwin Arnaudin, Mountain Xpress (4/14/23)





“This is all-in, maximalist rock n’ roll for grown up people (kids and adults alike) who know the world is falling apart, who know social media is rotting our brains, who know politicians are taking away our rights, and who know that art and beauty and music and love and action are the antidotes. Itchy Soul will make you remember the power of music.”

June Reedy, Grateful Web (Apr 15, 2020)

“The Get Right Band are the type of performers that you just know will break out. Their songs are infectious and take you immediately to a very happy place. The lyrics are smart and bear weight.”

Jon Chattman, The Huffington Post (Aug 24, 2016)

The sound of The Get Right Band is culled from many different genres with the focus being to get the listeners in a good place mentally.”

Derek Halsey, Mountain Times (Sept 01, 2016)