“Hell Yes Refresh recalls the catchy sonic pop of early MGMT and the quirky nature of the Flaming Lips.”
The Wild Is Calling

“iTopia is a psychedelic, utterly ethereal synth-fueled album, that evokes the feeling of being transported through a wormhole into a cosmic wonderland.”
Chris Roditis, Musicngear

iTopia sounds like the kind of grand conceptual work that Pink Floyd would make if that band were still around.”
Edwin Arnaudin, Mountain Xpress

“With its latest concept album, “iTopia,” Asheville-based indie-rockers The Get Right Band have offered up…yet another installment in this ongoing conversation between the group and the listener — of life and love, of the knowns and unknowns of a world gone mad in the digital age.”
Garret K. Woodward, Smokey Mountain News

“With the intensity of rock rhythm all our senses awaken and welcome the day. The vocals perfectly matched with their inner explosion release our oppressed emotions and cause a change. Our melody rises and we take off the dust of inaction.”

“Hell Yes Refresh is the latest single from psych-rock trio The Get Right Band that will take you to new heights of musical ecstasy…Hell Yes Refresh is an intoxicating blend of addictive synth-fueled tunes, radiant vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics that explore the human obsession with technology, the constant need to refresh our screens and connect with like-minded individuals in the online realm, and how this has become a fundamental part of our lives.”
Chris Roditis, MusicNGear

“If you know anything about the band, you know everything they put out is art. It’s all very well thought out and perfectly executed. This new song and music is just exactly that.”
Cassie Bradley, Toothpaste Zine

“Following the 2016 presidential election, The Get Right Band channeled its anger and frustration into a stomping new song, “Pulled Up Root”. Today, as the country sits less than two months away from another election cycle, The Get Right Band has shared a new music video for the track off its latest album, Itchy Soul.”
Michael Broerman, Live For Live Music

“The Get Right Band filters 60’s/70’s psychedelia and 90’s alternative rock through a modern lens–as if Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Nirvana co-wrote an album produced by Danger Mouse and Dan Auerbach. Itchy Soul will make you remember the power of music.”
American Songwriter

“Varying their motif from track to track — and often within the space of even a single song — they offer a dazzling combination of sounds that somehow manage to stay in sync — from rocking refrains and anthemic urgency to elements of prog, hip-hop, psychedelia and pure pop.”
Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine Magazine

“With its tremendous new album Itchy Soul, The Get Right Band has crafted a sonically diverse set of songs that finds Silas Durocher (guitar/vocals), Jesse Gentry (bass/vocals) and JC Mears (drums/percussion/vocals) weaving in various influences, yet very much making their own distinct brand of rock music.”
Edwin Arnaudin, Mountain Xpress

“The Get Right Band has always been a real blur of styles—progressive pop loaded with mathed-out rock riffs and breakdowns—that are bound to draw comparisons to the likes of the Black Keys but are mashed with syncopated, nearly rapped vocals and “hey-ho” indie hooks.”
Jonathan Ammons, WNC Magazine

“On their new album Itchy Soul, Asheville, North Carolina-based outfit The Get Right Band deliver an unpredictable and infectious collection of songs. Soaring vocal hooks and unpredictable, dynamic instrumentation drive this sprawling album into new and exciting territories.”

“I think, with the enormous amount of civil unrest, both in this country and abroad, the title of the album (Itchy Soul) is well-suited for the times.”
The Laurel of Asheville

“The skins of the songs collected on Itchy Soul change in a rapid blur as The Get Right Band focus on their sound, pounding, hammering, pummeling percussion into a beat.”
The Alternate Root

“The irony of ‘Itchy Soul’ is that it’s a shiny, well-oiled studio release, but seamlessly has been able capture the collaborative fire and improvisational magic of three musicians who thrive in a live setting — a bright and intricate snapshot of a band ready and roaring to bust into the national scene.”
Garret Woodward, Smoky Mountain News

“A sidewinding adventure of surprise and happiness, coupled with quiet moments of introspection…they have managed to carefully tune into their inner souls to really produce music that gets us moving and has enough depth to really make us sit back and think differently about things.”

“Itchy Soul scratches the hardest-to-reach musical itches, culminating in a genre-bending explosion of sound and energy.”
Kel Kawas, Live For Live Music

“My only complaint is that it can’t come out sooner.  With 14 tracks and an edgy vibe, these songs are keeping me dancing while the #shelterinplace order continues.”
June Reedy, Grateful Web

“The sound of The Get Right Band is culled from many different genres with the focus being to get the listeners in a good place mentally.”
Derek Halsey, Mountain Times

“The Get Right Band recorded their album at Echo Mountain Studio, where The Smashing Pumpkins & T-Bone Burnett, have also recorded their music. Once the band finished recording Who’s In Charge, Dreyer worked his magic and engineered and mixed the album. Dreyer has worked with The Avett Brothers, Zac Brown Band… Who’s In Charge, was mastered by six-time Grammy winner, Brian Lucey, who is also known for working with the bands, The Black Keys and Beck. It really seemed like the band did a great job finding the right connections in order to complete their album!
A. Park, Rock On Boston

“And if you want to dance, these guys are happy to help you with that, too. “Belt Loops” is almost early Fitz & The Tantrums-y with its disco flair, fast-moving groove and infectious guitar hook. Baltimore rock quartet The Milestones would be proud. “Requiem For The Chemical Memory” then takes a true-blue pop-reggae structure and all but paints the picture of a tie-dyed field swaying in unison. If Sublime already mastered it, The Get Right Band took the time to make sure they continue to carry the flag with pride.”
Colin McGuire, The Frederick News-Post

“The Get Right Band are the type of performers that you just know will break out. Their songs are infectious and take you immediately to a very happy place. But, the pep has substance. The lyrics are smart and bear weight.”

Jon Chattman, Huffington Post

“The Get Right Band’s music combines styles from funk and rock n’ roll to reggae. Their melodies are a perfect blend of energy and fun supported by smart lyrics. It has been a real pleasure for me to collaborate with them creating the illustrations of their new album “Who’s in Charge?” which will be released this August. It offers moments of great funk and rock where the virtuosity of Silas Durocher’s voice and guitar are perfectly integrated with Jesse Gentry’s bass and JC Mears’ percussion.”
Alessandro Arrigo, Peppertool

“The band formed it’s early roots when Silas and Jesse were in middle school playing music together. Today, The Get Right Band’s original music is a mix of funk, rock and reggae.”

“The band, featuring founding member Jesse Gentry on bass, recorded the album (Who’s In Charge?) at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, with their frontman, Silas Durocher and Julian Dreyer (who worked in various capacities with The Avett Brothers, Zac Brown Band, Dawes, and the Steep Canyon Rangers) producing.”
No Treble

“Based out of Asheville, The Get Right Band is a group I’ve been keeping tabs on for a few years now. Led by singer/guitarist Silas Durocher, the ensemble also includes Jesse Gentry (bass) and drummer J.C. Mears (drums). What stands out about this band is the mere fact that nobody around this region sounds like them. Period. And it’s that “all” factor which puts The Get Right Band into a league of their own. It’s surprising when you stand there watching them perform, where you’re trying to figure out just how they’re able to get that much sound from a power trio. With their latest record “Who’s in Charge?” the group once again showcases those musical tastes and attitudes that continue to propel them into the next chapter of what is already amounting to a promising future.”
Garret K. Woodward, Smoky Mountain News

“Since bringing out their first CD Shake in 2013, The Get Right Band have been championed by several music outlets including Relix Magazine and amassed a considerable fan-base.”

Rebecca Haslam, Pop Wrapped

“Who’s In Charge? is bound to separate The Get Right Band from bands who dabble in familiar territory like The Black Keys or Arctic Monkeys. Ska, jazz, acoustic, and rock flavors are peppered throughout the album in both instrumental and vocal performances. It is clear this band is able to experiment and are more than familiar with how to play their gear.”
Brooke Daly, That’s Why We Musyc

“Effortlessly switching from a bluesy rock to funk with a reggae twist, “Who’s in Charge?” was mastered by L.A.-based Brian Lucey, who’s also mastered records and Grammy-winning albums for artists like Ringo Starr, Dr. Dog, The Kills, Cage the Elephant, The Arcs, The Arctic Monkeys, Grace Potter, The Black Keys, Delta Spirit, The Shins — you get the picture.”
Hayley Benton, Citizen Times

“Get ready to get right with The Get Right Band at their album release party for “Who’s in Charge?” This funky new rockin’ reggae album was produced by some experts in the music industry and, most importantly, was recorded by the local talent in The Get Right Band.”
Hayley Benton, Citizen Times

““We did everything top caliber and we gave ourselves time to really relax and explore things in the studio. We stopped working on the album when it was finished,” he said. “Pretty much every other project I’ve been a part of in the past we stopped because we ran out of time and money. We got to do everything we wanted to do artistically. That’s not to say it’s perfect or flawless or whatever, but it’s exactly what we wanted to do and that makes us feel confident and proud.” -Silas Durocher on recording “Who’s In Charge?” “Who’s In Charge?” is the band’s second full-length album, following 2014’s “Bass Treble Angel Devil” and an EP in 2013.”
Jason Gilmer,

“North Carolina’s The Get Right Band strike familiar chords in fresh ways on their new release Who’s In Charge. Winning over critics and an ever increasing number of fans with their versatility, adopting and adapting Americana, blues, reggae and rock elements into a brazen and immersing sound all their own. Adding to the tight and diverse jams a distinctive, intellectual but accessible worldview delivered with a polished group vocal dynamic.”
Rex Thomson, Live For Live Music

“Two years after their most recent release, Asheville, North Carolina’s The Get Right Band have returned with a new full-length. “Who’s In Charge?” picks up the fun right where the funk-rock trio left off, in the midst of swung rhythms and undeniably apt lyrics.”

Hailey Nuthals, The Highlighter

“In line with its goal of creating a professional product, the group chose Echo Mountain to record its follow-up to 2014’s Bass Treble Angel Devil. Julian Dreyer, who co-produced Who’s in Charge? with the band, raves about the experience. “They continually surprised me with their musicianship, grace [and] artistry,” he says. Calling it some of the best work he’s been a part of, Dreyer describes Who’s in Charge? as “an album, not a collection of songs. The long and short of it is that this was one of my best experiences creating and recording music.”
Bill Kopp, Mountain Xpress

“Our mission as a band is to get the listener right. The idea is, come to a show, put on the album, sink into the music, forget what’s worrying, forget about this crazy election, forget about your money problems… feel good, feel connected, get right. -Silas Durocher on the origin of the band’s name”
Jordan Mohler, Kill the Music

“Well, we all love music and we’re all about the same age – early 30s – so most of us had somewhat hippie parents from that era, so our collective parentry gave us a lot of the psychedelic world of the 60s – Pink Floyd, Beatles, Zeppelin, yadi yadi yada – and I know JC and I definitely got really into the jazz fusion and prog scenes, so that definitely plays a lot of influence into some of our current jams: actually we’re getting a little heavier because of some of that influence. But, pretty good childhood influences growing up and then, as we became adults, we got a lot more into hip hop – Silas and I really, really love hip hop and listen to it a lot in the van. We just love everything. We like good music and we try to bring every influence to our shows and our songs, where it’s appropriate. -Jesse Gentry on the band’s influences”
The Music Rag

“The new album from the Get Right Band is set for release on August 5. The group recorded Who’s in Charge? in their hometown of Asheville, NC at famed Echo Mountain Studio with production duties assumed by Julian Dreyer, GRB frontman Silas Durocher and group. Dreyer (The Avett Brothers, Zac Brown Band) also engineered and mixed the record which was mastered by six-time Grammy winner Brian Lucey (The Black Keys and Beck).”
Relix Magazine

“We’re definitely a song-based band in general—everything starts and ends there. We love improvisation, but it’s always got to serve the song. We really wanted this album to represent what we do live, and that always involves some improvising. -Silas Durocher”

RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine

“The Get Right Band’s new album, dropping Aug. 5, is called “Who’s in Charge?” It’s a fair question, at least as it applies to the music on the album. There are gritty rockers, spacy Pink Floydian interludes, feel-good jam-band tunes and some pretty heavy wigged-out funk. In other words, it’s exactly the kind of all-influences-welcome music that the band has aimed to make since the beginning.”
Vincent Harris, Greenville Journal

“They were the musical highlight of an already music-filled evening’s entertainment at the 2016 Music Video Asheville awards program, and no less a figure than former Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre gave them the opening spot on his recent Asheville date. They’re hard to classify, combining elements of jazz and funk into a rock-based sound, but they’re too tight and melodic for the “jam band” tag to fit them.”
Bill Kopp, Mountain Xpress

In compiling my thoughts on this album, I find myself thinking this is one of the more impressive albums I have ever heard in my 5 years of reviewing albums for Home Grown. This album is dazzling in presentation and execution, drawing from all sorts of musical moods and genres, and seamlessly tying them together in production.”
J. Evan Wade – 
Leeway’s Home Grown Music Network

“They have an infectious beat that cannot help but bring smiles to their fans’ faces. As I glanced around the room during their show, I saw ear-to-ear grins on almost every face (if not every one).”
Suze Reviews The Blues

“Blending styles with the perfect composition of funk and rock, this three-piece knows how to get a crowd moving.”

Knoxville Music Warehouse

“The Get Right Band warmed up the stage for Marco Benevento on Saturday, but the local trio performed like a headlining act — all energy and swagger.”
Alli Marshall – Mountain Xpress

“Festival bookers, put these guys on your radar, they’re undeniably talented and they know how to throw a party! They are tailor-made for summer music festivals.”
Suzy Barros – Grateful Web

“The intuitive playing of The Get Right Band is built on the since-childhood musical match of Silas and bassist Jesse Gentry fulfilled by the addition of drumming by Jian-Claude Mears.”
Danny – The Alternate Root

“The new album (Bass Treble Angel Devil) has hints of garage rock, jam band, ’70s funk, low-down dirty blues and groovy jazz, all wound around lyrics about love, fun, life, pretty guitars and even swampy Florida.”
Joshua Peacock – Do Savannah

“As a mere three-piece, the mountain boys, ahem, “get it right” in their mastery of funk rhythms that fill out their groove and keep the crowd captivated.”
Anna Chandler – Connect Savannah

“….sophisticated island grooves and R&B and funk that recalls, at turns, classics from The Staple Singers and Stevie Wonder, the band’s versatility shines through.”
Edwin Arnaudin – Mountain Xpress

“Asheville’s Get Right Band spent the summer doing what it loves — playing live shows, not just around here but up and down the East Coast.”
Tony Kiss – Asheville Citizen Times (The Scene)

“Prepare for fun. When The Get Right Band takes the stage, an infectious, danceable blend of funk, rock, reggae and just plain unique sounds will fill the room.”

Jeremy Craig – Augusta Chronicle

“In addition to featuring The Get Right Band’s signature blend of funk, rock, and reggae, the new album (Bass Treble Angel Devil) also includes elements of folk, pop, blues, and jazz. It’s high-energy tunes have bold yet witty lyrics that touch on a range of such topics as the joys and challenges of friendship and love.”
Amy Dangelico – The Laurel

“Some music was meant for late summer’s heat—ska and reggae in particular. Bass Treble Angel Devil, the newest offering from Asheville-based funk-rock-reggae trio The Get Right Band, fits that bill.”
Kyle Sherard – WNC Magazine

“The record (Bass Treble Angel Devil) is a blending of many different styles, from rock, blues, funk and reggae.”
Kelsi Loos – Frederick News Post

“Durocher and Gentry were always into funk and classic rock and roll, but also enjoyed different types of music.”
Robin Tolleson – Bold Life

“‘Shake’ [The Get Right Band’s debut album] is fun, full of energy and excitement, and should be listened to with the volume turned all the way up.”
John Lynskey – Hittin The Note

“Hip-shakin’, earthquakin’ pure funk fun. What more could you want from 5 songs?”

Bill Hurley – The Alternate Root

“Never playing the same set and rarely evoking the same emotion, The Get Right Band knows the importance of feeding off its audience in order to connect with the listeners.”
Britt Chester – The Winston-Salem Journal

“When Asheville’s The Get Right Band takes to the Phoenix Lounge stage Saturday, Feb. 16, they’ll bring with them a palpable sense of energy.
Fresh from a tour of the U.S. Virgin Islands and with their first album less than a week away, the 9 p.m. show will feature the three-piece rock group at arguably the most exciting junction of their career thus far.”
Edwin Arnaudin – The Transylvania Times

“When members of Asheville, N.C.’s The Get Right Band hit the stage they have one fun objective. “We’re trying to make it where people can’t help but dance,” said guitarist and vocalist Silas Durocher.”
Jason Gilmer – The Herald Journal

“Asheville-based funksters The Get Right Band is returning to Charleston following the release of their first album, Shake. The Get Right Band are no strangers to Charleston, having developed quite a fan base here.”
Brooks Brunson – The Charleston City Paper

“Shake” showcases why The Get Right Band is such a popular live act–quite simply… they’re never boring and they’re easy to dance to. It’s accessible, fun, and always changing. The songs on “Shake” are wildly assorted in their styles, but still rally around a common musical outlook. It’s impressive how much ground TGRB covers in showcasing what they’re about.
Brent Fleury – Bold Life

“The Get Right Band is a three-piece with the musical energy and power of The Police.”
Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer)

“The Get Right Band’s members have decades of friendship and more genres than they can count informing their sound. With new EP, Shake, they’ve polished their party vibe.”
Alli Marshall – The Mountain Xpress

“Their new EP ‘Shake’ demonstrates a tasty mix of funk, reggae, rock, solid songwriting, and hip-swinging selections that leaves the listener thirsty for more from this three-piece group.”
Ryan Neely – Grateful Web


“Boone Saloon will be moving and grooving to the funk rock reggae sounds of The Get Right Band.”

Jesse Campbell – Mountain Time